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Senior HR advisor

Sandra van Bladel – Cissen

Senior HR advisor
Strabrecht College

“It seems like I’ve been working here for years”, that was my feeling after my first week at work. It felt so familiar and the colleagues provided a warm welcome. A nice informal culture, where people work hard but also pay attention to you as a person. And this fits so well with how I approach life, work hard but with attention and care for each other and laugh with each other every now and then.


As an HR advisor I have two workplaces within Silfo: within the HR team, the staff department in Eindhoven, but also at Strabrecht College in Geldrop. I am the HR advisor for this school. Connecting, collaborating and switching is therefore certainly part of my position, but also with me as a person. How nice is it that I have the freedom to shape it myself. I use my own talents for this, so that I know what is going on within “my departments” and remain accessible.


Within SILFO I feel the freedom about how I can perform my function. Also ask for feedback and support from my colleagues. I use the space to express my creative ideas, to be critical and to discuss with the aim of providing the best education and seizing opportunities together.


We work hard, there are plenty of challenges and we see opportunities. Mistakes are also made, which makes sense because where people work, mistakes are made. As long as we learn from it. But what we certainly do is… celebrate what we have achieved, however big or small. This by giving each other feedback, a pat on the back or seeing that smile in the other person. That is what makes my work at SILFO so enjoyable. Now that’s what I call happiness at work.