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Stedelijk College Eindhoven, location Henegouwenlaan
Tweetalig International Programme (TIP)

Stedelijk College Eindhoven, location Henegouwenlaan is a school that provides secondary education. TIP is part of a Bilingual programme within the school. The TIP program is for students who are fluent in English and want to go to a Dutch school with extra NT2 (Dutch as a second language). The students are planning to stay in the Netherlands, they want to integrate in the Dutch society and get a Dutch diploma.

TIP is part of our bilingual programme, where some classes will be taught in English, and other classes will be taught in Dutch. TIP students will attend an extensive Dutch language course to increase their language skills fast. When the language level is on par with Dutch peers, TIP students can continue in the bilingual stream, or transfer to the Dutch stream.

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The Bilingual program is for Dutch native students (or student that transfer from the TIP program) that want to develop their English. The students take a Dutch exam in the finals and an IB Language A exam in English.

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