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Board of Directors

The authority of the Stedelijk College Eindhoven, Strabrecht College and the International School Eindhoven is formed by the Board of Directors of the Stichting Internationaal en Lokaal Funderend Onderwijs (SILFO).

The Board meets about six times a school year with the Supervisory Board.

Board of Directors

Mr. M. (Meine) Stoker, chairman
Ms P.M.L. (Petra) de Bruijn MBA, member

Supervisory Board
Stichting Internationaal en Lokaal Funderend Onderwijs

Mr. drs. F.H.G.M. van den Berg
Ms ir. J.M.G. Driessen-Engels MBA
Mr. ing. W.R.M. Hendriks BSc
Ms drs. R.G.B. Hoekman-Sulman
Mr. prof. dr. ir. A.M.C. Lemmens (chairman)
Mr. ir. E.H. Munnik
Ms drs. M.C.H. Rietveld-Senden
Ms mr. L.M. Sjouw


Patroon afbeelding


The secretariat of the Executive Board
is located in the school building of
Stedelijk College Eindhoven
at the Henegouwenlaan 2 in Eindhoven.

Postal address

Postbus 1310
5602 BH Eindhoven
tel: 040-264 53 67