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Our promise

SILFO combines the strengths of employees to provide the best possible education at her schools. It is our responsibility that pupils can develop into responsible and happy world citizens in the perspective that our society in all its aspects can become more sustainable.

We focus on the continuous development of children and young people who develop in a healthy balance in knowledge, skills and personal growth in a social context.

SILFO nurtures a generally accessible environment that is palpably safe for all and in which everyone also feels equal and has equal opportunities. We are proud of the fact that within SILFO there are no limits to knowledge sharing, co-development, mobility and flexibility for both pupils and staff. At SILFO schools there is a lot of cooperation with partners inside and outside the Netherlands.

Our education is successful when we can provide as much customization as possible, in which pupils can make conscious choices and feel owner of their own development. In this SILFO wants to lead by using everything possible to give the best education. In this we take all the space that is necessary.


Patroon afbeelding
What do we expect from students and staff

• Take leadership over your own development.

• That you consciously make choices and link goals to them.

• That you are always open to constructive advice and reflection.

• That we meet and develop at the SILFO schools.

• That we all contribute to a safe learning, living and working environment.