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History teacher

Ian van Beek

History teacher
Coach/mentor b2c
Team coordinator havo and vwo

The Strabrecht College is a pleasant working environment where colleagues look out for each other. Complaints can sometimes be made, but when it comes down to it, colleagues are always there for each other and there is a great mutual appreciation towards each other.


I speak to many students on a daily basis and students also know where to find me. By searching for a joint connection, I try to understand the students and their experience. This inspires me to give my best every day and I also strive to get the best out of the students.


Within the Strabrecht College I feel there is sufficient space to propagate my vision on education and to adequately highlight the issues that I value. Together with colleagues, I try every day to work a little further on shaping our education. And it usually works!


Every day at school there are moments when I feel happy when something works out. At the same time, I try to learn from mistakes together with colleagues and students and to see how things can be improved. Every moment, no matter how small, ensures that I start and finish every day with a satisfied feeling.