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Exercise and sports teacher


Mathijs Rosielle

Exercise and sports
teacher Pedaccer PO VO
Stedelijk College Eindhoven
location Oude Bossche Baan

Everyone has memories of education. A teacher who tells a nice story or who gives a tip that dropped the penny. That is how education makes an impression and that only works if you have an enthusiastic and inspired teacher in front of the class. Sometimes educational developments fly right in front of us, but the foundation, a good teacher, will always remain the most important factor.


The relationship between teacher and student is essential in education. If the contact is good, the students feel safe, they can participate actively, the learning performance is higher and students can develop optimally. The pedagogical climate only starts with a teacher who can establish a good relationship with students.


Learning is done by trial and error, so why do I always have to be there – Loesje.

For me, movement is the means to let children learn. “It’s just a game” means you don’t have to take something too seriously. But playing is much more than a simple pastime. Play helps us to develop the skills and insights we need to play the game of life successfully. That makes my profession fantastic and gives me a lot of energy to make something out of it every time.


I try to celebrate all successes in life. From large to small, together or alone. Staying focused on what you do well is valuable. We do the same with the students!