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HR advisor and policy supporter

Saskia van Broekhoven

HR advisor and policy supporter
Stedelijk College Eindhoven
location Henegouwenlaan



We are a development-oriented organization in which we strive to ensure that students develop optimally, not only cognitively, but also as global citizens and individuals. This also asks something of me. The way in which I am open to (educational) development and I am involved in distributed leadership, make this organization very interesting for me to work for.


I like how everyone is able and allowed to think along using their possibilities, ambitions and experience and are involved in the developments within our organization. Students are also involved through a student council. This requires clear frameworks on the one hand and space and respect for everyone’s input on the other. I see it as a challenge to gather all input, to make connections and then to include it in.


At SILFO, I am given every opportunity to develop new policy and new personnel tools. This also allows me to further develop my qualities and ambitions and to use and expand my experience.


Thanks to our ambition, there is always plenty to do in our organization. The trick is to get off the moving train every now and then and reflect on what we have all achieved and are doing well! Will you help?