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Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) teacher

Stijn van Rest

Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) teacher
International School Eindhoven

As the CEC I am responsible for supporting our students on a journey to develop holistically. Working with them on their personal development plans is all about caring. Caring for themselves, for their peers and for the global community they are part of. As a teacher, my vision on caring is simple: teaching  = caring!


As the CEC I aim to connect all members of the ISE community with each other and with local and global communities who need our support. As a ToK teacher I try to connect the theoretical content of the course with as many real life examples as possible.


As the CEC I incentivize our students to engage in all sorts of creative experiences and creatively reflect upon the learning process.  In the daily dynamics with students in the classroom, creativity is a major asset in flexibly adjusting to the particular needs of the class.


Working at the ISE, with the incredible variety of cultures in both the student body and the staffing team, is a celebration of the wonders of human diversity to me.